Keep Clean

Do it Yourself – Build a Garage

Many homes are constructed with a lot of yard space and a car porch but do not always have a car garage. If you recognize …

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Eliminate Leaks

Garage Roofing Part 2 – Choosing Roofing Materials

In part 1 of this series of articles on garage roofing, we discussed how to plan and prepare for replacing an old roof on a …

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Roof Installation

Garage Roofing Part 1 – Planning the Work Like a Pro

If you are looking for information about garage roofing, you are probably in one of two situations:

1: You are building a new garage and …

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Roof Material

Garage Roofing Part 3 – Building the Roof

In the previous two installments of our garage roofing series, we have looked at how to plan the work, whether repairing an existing roof or …

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