Roof Installation

Install Green Roofs Today to Save the Environment

A lot of buildings and even industrial set ups nowadays grow plants on the roof. It adds to the sense of aesthetics and also contributes …

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Is It Safe to Install a Roof in the Winter?

Depending on where a person lives, this can be prove to be quite the challenge. Here in Colorado Springs, though, we have many mild days …

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Roof Material

Tip on How to Install a Metal Roof

Metal roofing is becoming increasingly popular because of its durability and the minimal impact it has on the environment. It produces no more noise than …

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Roof Repair

What Type Of Roof Should I Install On My House? Shingles, Rubber, Metal, Slate, Cedar?

So you need a new roof installed on your home. You have set some appointments with roofers and you were wondering what type of roof …

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Roof Inspection

How to Install a Skylight in Your Roof or Attic Conversion, Considerations and Tips

We have found many ways of introducing light into our houses and homes. These range from complete conservatories made from glass in a Minnesota

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Roof Inspection

Can You Install Roofing Felt Yourself?

There really is no work like the work you do with your own hands – on your own home. Even though a house is quite …

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Eliminate Leaks

Residential Metal Roofing Materials – New Metal Roofs Are Better, Stronger and Quicker to Install

The votes are in, and not only have metal roofing materials ceased to be considered as stark, industrial and boring – they’ve become the new …

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