Keep Clean

Commercial Roof Repair: What Service Choices Are Available to Business Owners?

Even the smallest leak can lead to significant damage throughout a commercial building. An unattended roof with problems not only harms additional structural components, but …

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Roof Repair

Home Owners Have Lots of Choices When it Comes to Roofing Styles

Even in these difficult economic times, many different styles of residential homes are being built and finished daily. Often, these houses stand as visible symbols …

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Home Owner’s Guide to Patio Roofing

For those who want to have more shade and protection from the sun and rain in their patio, proper roofing will help. There are different …

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Roof Maintenance

Roofing: New Warranties Benefit Home Owners and Installers

This year (2011) marks an interesting change in the roofing industry. One of the largest manufacturers in the industry decided to change the warranty of …

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