Month: January 2021


Installing Roof Leak Barriers – Sealing Shingle-To-Shingle Transition Areas

Roof slope changes are a common leak source problem for most homeowners. Where does this happen? When a steeper roof slope on a home comes …

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Roof Repair

How To Hire A Roofing Contractor

Whether your roof is aging or has sustained damage, you are in need of a roofing contractor. The cost of a new roof can range …

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Roof Material

Choosing a New Home Roof

If you are having a home custom built you will also be choosing a new home roof in the process. If the home is in …

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Roof Installation

Two of the Best Metal Roofing Materials – Aluminum and Galvanize Iron for Your Roof

Metal roofing materials are excellent choices for houses and buildings. These materials are so versatile that they can be installed in different styles and in …

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Keep Clean

Look for a Roofing Contractor Who Can Provide a Quick Fix

Usually the search for a roofing contractor takes place when you’ve got a roofing repair problem hanging above your head. Roof repair really needs to …

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Roof Maintenance

Roofing Process – Planning a Roofing Project

How your roofing process SHOULD go.
“Roofing” is a scary word, even if you’re building new: it’s expensive, it’s complicated, it’s problematic. If it’s done …

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Keep Clean

Next Generation Roofs

Traditionally, corrugated metal roofs are only common in industrial and agricultural building structures. These are known to be able to withstand the elements greatly and …

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