3 Tips for Installing Attic Insulation

Of all the home improvement tasks that you can do, installing attic insulation has to be among the quickest, easiest, and the least expensive. Even so, in spite of all these facts, the empty space above the ceiling in a home still remains one of the least attended to.
The reasons for this are simple. Attics are dark, hot, dirty, full of cobwebs, and often very difficult to navigate. It’s just a place that people would rather avoid, and the irony of it all, is that most homes are lacking in insulation. In fact some don’t even have any.
Suggestion #1 Use a Roof Design Plans Nice Tall Ladder
The first item on your list should be to get your hands on a nice tall ladder that allows you easy access beyond your hatchway. Even then, it’s a good idea to gather up a few boards that you can use to improvise a small platform just inside the access door.
#2 Use Some Good Bug Spray
Head out to your local hardware store, and get your hands on a can of good bug spray. Your best bet is that type that shoots out in a long stream. No doubt about it, but that spiders, and even wasps have taken up residence up there, and with this in your hand they will be no problem when you come across them.
Item #3 on Your Checklist
You’re going to need a good drop-light with a 100 watt bulb, and a nice long cord on it. Your first thought may be a flashlight, but the problem Roof Replacement Insurance Process there, is that both your hands won’t be free. Bring along a nice long stick while your at it that you can use to knock cobwebs out of your way.
Attic Insulation is Just So Affordable
Once you clear the way with all the above listed tools of the trade, you’ll be able to traverse around up there unimpeded. Your next stop is down at the local hardware store, where you can pick up some bales of cellulose insulation, and a blower so you can boost the R rating which is most likely lacking.

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