5 Simple Steps To Access Your Roof After a Storm

Storms can wreck havoc on your house. Some of the damage will be obvious other areas, like your roof will be more difficult to access. After a severe storm it is important to check to see how your roof handled the storm. Use these 5 simple steps to determine next steps for your roof.

Walk Around – Walk around the outside of your home and look for obvious damage including holes and leaks. If you identify any holes or leaks contact your local roofing contractor for an emergency repair or cover the area until your contractor arrives.

Contact Your Insurance Company – If you cannot see any holes or leaks on your roof, but you believe you may have hail or wind damage contact your homeowners insurance company.

Contact a Roofer – You may also want to contact a local roofing contractor to assess your roof for storm damage. Many roofing companies will provide a complimentary assessment and quote.

Source Roofing Products – Should your insurance company and the roofing contractor recommend a new roof for your home, find roofing products that can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Choosing Shingles – Your roof construction and climate determine the shingle options which are best suited to your home. Ensure proper ventilation Kick Out Flashing Brick – Roof ventilation is necessary for efficient heating and cooling of your home and to prevent damage from hot, moist air trapped in the attic.

Upgrade Your Ventilation System – When installing at new roof for your home consider the benefits of upgrading your ventilation system.

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Not all roofers are equal. NRCA encourages homeowners and building owners to prequalify roofing contractors. A new roof system is a considerable investment, and you deserve to have it done right the first time. To decide which roofing contractor to hire, you should evaluate each contractor to determine who will provide a quality roof system at a fair price.

The National Association of Roofing Contractors recommends these steps before hiring a roofer:

Verify a contractor’s permanent place of business, telephone number and tax identification number.

Check references from prior customers. If the roofer has only bad reviews consider another company.

Ask for proof of insurance (liability What Colors Go With A White Roof and workers’ compensation).

Ask the contractor about material and workmanship warranties. Make sure that the roofer is using roofing materials that will hold up in your environment.

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