All the Best Things Can Be Found in Cedar Shake Roofing

The rustic cedar shingles and cedar shake roofing are the all-time favorites when it comes to roofing materials. The shingles are the thinner roofing material and are expected to last up to 25 years. On the other hand, the cedar shake roofing can last until 50 years.
After the replacement windows, the roofing is the more important aspect of most exterior home improvement project. It deserves careful inspection and attention in order to maintain its functionality and appeal of your home property.
When you are planning to use cedar shingles and shakes in a location which is considered fire-prone, it is essential that the roofing material undergo pressure treatment of fire retardant as it is a compulsory activity in such kinds of location. On the other hand, in places that are Functional Requirements Of A Floor humid, this type of roofing material is prone to mildew and fungus. It is important that you apply the prescribed fungicide a year after the installation. There are also special types of cedar shingles and cedar shake roofing that are pre-treated with the appropriate preservatives.
Before the introduction and use of pre-designed and pre-cut shingles and metal roofs, the cedar shake roofing was the preferred roofing material. It has endured thereafter despite its cost and the introduction of the cheaper cedar shingles mainly because of its aesthetic value and durability.
However, when you are seriously looking at cedar shakes for your roofing requirement, it is important that you gather the essential information regarding said roofing material. You also have to take a serious look at the downside of cedar shakes. The most obvious disadvantage is the cost of the roofing material. Cedar shake roofing is fire prone and cannot be recycled.
If you want to achieve a rustic and relatively traditional look of your home then cedar shakes are the best choice. The initial investment may be a bit heavy with cedar shakes but it is the more cost effective alternative as it lasts longer than any other roofing materials. The performance and longevity of cedar shakes is largely dependent on how it is installed and maintained.
In order to protect the cedar shake roofing from fire, it is essential that it is pressure impregnated by the prescribed fire retardant. It should also be treated to protect it from mildew and moss growth. The proper maintenance of cedar shake Roof Design Plans roofing requires that it be regularly cleared of litter and other tree debris, mildew and molds. It is also imperative to hire the services of a professional who will inspect the cedar shakes of any indication of problems and defects.
To insure that you get maximum benefits from your investment, it is vital that you hire a professional for the installation of cedar shakes. This is a very critical work that requires a high degree of skill for the proper installation of the cedar shakes.
Once these essential installation and maintenance guidelines are followed to the letter, you will expect maximum benefits from your cedar shakes and will stay as such for a long time.

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