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Can Damage Be Done to a Roof in the Desert?

By master Aug22,2022 #damage #desert

Damage can occur to any roof in any environment. The desert heat of St. George and surrounding areas can dry the traditional composition or asphalt shingles. The older style wood shingles become very brittle in the extended hours of sunshine. I’m sure you’ve noticed during a wind storm, how you can find pieces of shingle which have been cracked and blown into your front yard.
Although there isn’t much rain in the desert, when it does rain, it floods. In other cities, a small, steady rain is common, but you will have a thunderstorm that can be devastating at times. In the desert, you will get months will not one drop of water, which will dry your shingles, and then over an inch of rain within an hour, which will tear the roof to shreds.
Another damaging factor is if you have any trees which brush against the roof. This will provide the much needed shade, but will also chip at the shingles little by little until you have a nice hole worn away in that spot.
A more desired roof for a desert climate would be the tile roof, metal roof or slate roof. The metal roof will reflect Best Roofing Sheets For House the sun, which would make the surround of your home quite warm, but all of these are great in the harsh desert climate.
Why doesn’t everyone in the desert have a roof made of metal, tile or slate? One word: Roofing Business Plan Pdf cost. They are all quite expensive compared to the composition roof material.

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