Communicating With Roofing Contractors

So you’ve decided for whatever reason that you’re going to have a roofing contractor come to your home and install, inspect, or repair your roof. You may feel a bit put-off and intimidated before you actually meet your contractor, but don’t be afraid. Roofing contractors don’t bite. In fact, they’re very friendly. Though it may seem like they’re speaking a foreign language all together, they’re not above simplifying terms for people who are not familiar with roofing. In fact, a good roofing contractor has several qualities that will make him easy to pick out through the sea of others.
The very first thing to check when picking out a roofing contractor is references. If you’re getting a direct referral from a friend, don’t be afraid to ask for other people they know of who had work done by that same contractor. Get addresses and telephone numbers as well, so that you can call and ask, or drive by and see the work that was done.
If you’re pulling a contractor off the internet or through a phone book, see if you can get a list of references. Don’t be afraid to call and ask, or even look on their website for testimonials. But be cautious – testimonials on websites cannot be verified. It’s best that you get a hard copy list from the contractor himself so that you can verify that his work is of good quality.
Shopping for a roofing contractor is no different than looking for a doctor or a dentist. You aren’t just going to blindly trust anyone with your health. The same can be said of your home. Do thorough research before you decide which roofing contractor you’re going to hire.
People Skills
No matter where you got your roofing contractor from – the internet, a reference, the phone book – you need to know that he’s going to treat you like a person and not like a paycheck. When you call, make sure that you ask if he was professional and polite. Arrys Roofing Reviews Did he leave his tools laying around? Did he make a mess? When he finished, did he clean up after himself? Did he explain everything in layman’s terms? Did he answer all of the questions thoroughly? How was his body language? Was he friendly?
Warranties and Maintenance Programs
Just like anything else you purchase, you want a warranty and/or a maintenance program for your roof. It doesn’t make any sense to pay your money without some type of guarantee for the work provided. And really, why would you want to pay someone to do a job one time, and then pay someone else to come in and fix it? Roofing Associations If there’s something wrong with your roof, the best person to fix it would be the person who installs it. And if the roofer doesn’t offer a warranty or a maintenance program, likely his practices are shabby, and you shouldn’t invest in him. After all, you want someone to care about your home as much as you do.

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