Decorating Tips to Create a Wedding Reception Fairyland

By master Jun 12, 2022

Decorating Tips to Create a Wedding Reception Fairyland

If truth be told, just about every girl dreams that her wedding will make her feel like Cinderella: everything will be dreamy, ethereal, and sparkly: like a real fairyland. With the right touches along with a little vision and imagination you really can decorate your wedding reception to match your dreams. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Lights, lights, and more twinkle lights

Whether you hold your reception indoors or out, in the heat of summer or in the chill of winter, little white lights will make your whole venue absolutely sparkle with magic. There are plenty of ways to accomplish a fantasy look, and the one or ones you choose will depend greatly on your personal sense of style. Here are some specific ideas:

–Use one LED curtain or more for a striking effect. Using curtains creates a wall of light and it works best when hung behind the cake or even behind a receiving line. Creative uses for an LED curtain include using it to create a waterfall effect indoors or to surround a chandelier for heightened drama.

–For a garden wedding, hide little lights inside shrubberies to give the greenery depth, or hang them in clusters from the trees.

–Lights make great additions to pergolas and archways: let them hang naturally so that they look like a fairyland version of wisteria vines.


Use as many candles as your venues will allow: if you are holding an evening wedding outdoors, you can use small candles or lanterns as footlights to make the aisle glow. They should be on every table and hanging in lanterns from every tree. If your venue limits the use of live flame, there are some very realistic faux candles on the market now that will do the trick. Make sure you do not use scented candles, however, in case any of your guests have sensitivities.

The Element of Water

Flowing water adds a touch of magic to any setting: either indoors or out. Indoor fountains are exquisite and the bubbling and gurgling is soothing and elegant. Make sure that all water features are bathed in soft lighting to create a soft glow: and float plenty of rose petals in the delicate flow.

When it comes to creating a fairyland feel to your wedding or wedding reception, you are limited only by your imagination. Many of the above suggestions do not cost a lot of money, but they can turn any sized wedding into a magical, whimsical, and thoroughly romantic affair.

By master

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