Different Types of Residential Roofing

Homeowners have several designs to make when they elect to have their roofs replaced. Residential roofing projects involve different materials and techniques. After choosing an experienced roofer who provides reliable service to their geographic area, homeowners should explore the different types of roofing available. They should look for a roof that is durable and protects their home but is also affordable.
Shingles Designed Roofing Jobs Sydney for Homes
Asphalt shingles are the traditional roofing material and are still the most popular in North America. They are reinforced with either organic felts or fiberglass, with the second material being more popular with U.S. homeowners. The cost of these shingles begins at approximately 80 cents per square foot installed. Installation is simple, an assortment of styles and colors are available, and maintenance and repair are easy processes.
Fiberglass shingles feature a fiberglass mat and top and bottom layers made from mineral granules and asphalt. Fiberglass is a preferred reinforcement because it creates a more durable shingle. The asphalt has a waterproofing quality and the mineral granules enable the asphalt to stick to the fiberglass mat. Quality varies between manufacturers so comparison and a consultation with a professional roofer are recommended.
Dimensional laminated shingles are the choice of homeowners who are not constrained by a budget. Multiple thicknesses of material are laminated and attached to a heavy base mat, creating a thicker shingle. Often called an architectural shingle, this style features shadow lines that make it look like a slate shingle or wood shake. The three-dimensional or layered look is preferred by many homeowners and this style does an excellent job of hiding roofing structure imperfections.
Warranties for Residential Shingles
Depending on price, asphalt shingles have a life expectancy of 20 to 50 years and are typically offered with a 20-year or longer warranty. Shingles installed in warmer climates tend to have a shorter life expectancy and material, weather, and durability issues can shorten the lifetime in other climates. Consumers should consult with an experienced roofer regarding the best asphalt shingles for their geographic region.
An architectural shingle typically weighs nearly 50 percent more than a standard asphalt shingle. This improves wind resistance and makes warping less likely. A standard asphalt shingle is rated for 60 mph winds, Starting A Roofing Company With No Experience but an architectural shingle is typically rated for between 80 and 120 mph winds. A 25 to 30-year or longer warranty is usually provided with an architectural shingle used for a residential roofing installation.

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