DIY Roof Maintenance Vs Calling the Professionals

Many Texans don’t realize that a lot of roof damage can be prevented by completing regular roofing maintenance. To ensure you get the longest life out of your roof, regular maintenance and inspection is a must. If you are like most other Americans, you may not have the time to conduct your own roof maintenance, or you might not feel comfortable getting on your roof. Let’s look at when you should Do It Yourself or call a roofer.

Safety First

The most common roofing mistake that homeowners make is not using proper safety technique. Here are a few safety tips:

Check with your Doctor before engaging in physical activity or outdoor work.

Be sure you know what ladder you should use and how to use a ladder properly. There are different ladders for different uses such as step ladders for scaling upward, cat ladders to avoid slipping, hook ladders to hook onto the roof, and extension ladders to climb higher than the usual top step (which you should never step on).

Be sure you tread carefully on your roof to avoid losing your balance.

Avoid walking on your roof when the roof is wet or has precipitation on it, in order to avoid slipping.

Wear proper footwear, like roofing boots, that have good traction to grip the roof, lightweight to allow you to move freely, and a flat bottom so you don’t leave shoe prints on the roof.

Wear electrician safety gloves with rubber insulation if dealing Roofing Glue with electrical wiring or other hazardous material.

Wear a hard hat construction helmet if dealing with falling power lines, tree limbs, or other debris.


Remove debris from What Is The Peak Of A Roof Called your roof.

Remove sticks, branches, acorns, pinecones, and leaves from your roof.

Remove any debris from the gutters.

Remove sticks, branches, acorns, pinecones, and leaves from the gutters.

You may use a household water hose to rinse off dirt and grime from your roof.

Let the water run through the gutter system.

Look around and see if there are any punctures on the roof.

Do not attempt to cover any punctures or holes with caulk!

Look to see if there are any leaks on the ceilings inside your home.

Get an annual roofing inspection from a reputable College Station Roofing professional if you are in Texas.

DIY Vs. Professional Roofing Company

Be careful what kind of services you perform on your roof. If anything you alter affects the original roofing work, it may negate your warranty! If you live in the Brazos Valley or surrounding areas in Texas, check with a professional College Station Roofing Company to make sure that the maintenance you perform won’t make the warranty useless. Adding a satellite dish, making add ons, stapling, nailing Christmas decorations, and using caulk all are examples of alterations that could make your warranty invalid. If you do not feel comfortable doing anything on the roof or if you feel anything may pose a safety hazard, call your local professional roofer.

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