Do I Need New Roofing?

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The cost of replacing your existent roof versus repairing it is a large sum of money. With a little knowledge about the condition of the roof in your home you can make an educated decision before you rip it apart and replace it. Some of the obvious signs of substandard condition are poor drainage, leaking and clogged gutters and downspouts that all contribute to water damage in your home and make you believe you need to change your roofing. At this point you might want to consult professional roofing experts to get their expert opinion. For your satisfaction, take a second opinion from a roofing contractor before you take a decision.
The contractor would first conduct an external survey of your roof. Taking a pair of binoculars he would make an inspection for outer damage. Outside damage to your roof would show up in ceiling spots, damaged flashing, curling of the shingles, missing shingles, growth of algae, granules missing from the shingles, buckling, blistering and rotting of the shingles when they are of organic origin. These outward How To Patch A Hole In The Roof signs would indicate deterioration due to water damage, improper installation and plain wear and tear. Some conditions like the growth of algae are mainly caused by environment. In the southeast United States warm, humid climate encourages growth of airborne algae. In areas prone to stormy weather and high winds, it’s common to witness shingles missing from roofing caused by the high speed strong winds.
Your roofing contractor would then inspect the inside of the property for further damages. Indoors, the contractor would be on the lookout for sags in the decking between the rafters. If sagging or deterioration is detected, the contractor might suggest the decking would also need to be changed at the same time the roofing is replaced. When light is visible through the roof don’t be particularly alarmed. If your roof is made of wooden shakes, this might be a common sight. On inspecting your attic if you find leaks and wet spots around the wooden features, or leaks around the vents How To Remove Moss From Roof Naturally and chimney it would signify water damage. These spots can be an older problem or a current problem. Test the dark spots, if it is still wet it indicates an existing problem that needs to be rectified, if the dark spots test to be dry, you need not worry as they are probably some old problem that has been fixed. An active leak in the roof would expose itself as water stains or sagging in the ceiling structure. However this may also be due to poor ventilation in your roofing. Bradenton residents can assess the condition of their roofs from experienced contractors in the area.

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