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Do UV Blocking Curtains Eventually Spell the End for Non-UV Blocking Curtains in Hot Cities?

By master Aug16,2022

Do UV Blocking Curtains Eventually Spell the End for Non-UV Blocking Curtains in Hot Cities?

In modern hot cities, the curtains’ function as an aesthetic feature has taken a back seat relative to its purpose as an insulator. For example the invention of blackout curtains in Thailand and Malaysia have been like a godsend for the local people who value smooth, fair skin. Most Bangkok curtains in modern homes are now installed as blackout curtains instead of traditional ones, even if the blackout curtains are not as pleasant looking as their counterparts. In terms of beauty, blackout curtains still have a long way to go before they can match traditional curtains, but the customers’ purchases reveal their true priority and what they are mainly looking for in curtains.

If the clothes manufacturers can make comfortable UV blocking shirts and dresses, these manufacturers are guaranteed to make tons of money. Most people in Thailand have great desire for fair skin, and so when they hear of blackout curtains, this news is simply music to their UV blocking curtains are simply selling like hot cakes, most people who go to curtain shops always ask for the prices of blackout curtains, and the high demand raised the prices significantly. The high prices for UV curtains are not mainly due to expensive raw materials but are mechanisms to prevent a shortage of supply. Hopefully in the future when manufacturers learn about this huge demand, they can have time to respond and produce greater amounts of these curtains in order to use economies of scale to bring their prices back down. The future of curtains would surely be blackout curtains with similar beauty to traditional curtains, and the non- UV blocking traditional curtains will eventually become obsolete in hot countries.

By master

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