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Easy Steps to Cleaner Curtains

By master May22,2022

Easy Steps to Cleaner Curtains

Curtains are an important part of any home decor and as such should be cared for and cleaned as the need arises. Most curtains are made of heavy fabric and can be tedious to clean and dry and so many people fore go the entire process. Curtains however do last longer and look better when they are cleaned once in a while. Uncleaned curtains appear dull and dusty carrying germs and lilt that may be harmful to the inhabitants of the home especially those prone to allergic reactions and asthmatics.

Cleaning your curtains should not be a task that is avoided at all costs, following these simple steps you can easily clean and freshen your curtains leaving them bright and vibrant.

The first step in cleaning draperies is to remove them from whatever mechanism is used to hang them up. This should be fairly straight forward and should be done taking care not to damage the fabric of the curtains.

When the curtains have be unhooked or unhinged it is necessary to remove any hooks from the curtains themselves. Some curtains also have weights in their lining if these can be removed they should be. If you are planning to use a washing machine it may be safer to remove these weights before placing the curtains into the washer.

The third step in preparing your draperies for washing is to shake off any excess dirt dust and lilt. You may be surprised at the amount of dirt that comes off simply through shaking down the fabric. Shaking the draperies may be done as often as necessary as it is less involving than washing yet it essentially removes a lot of the dirt on the drapes.

Upon completing the shakedown you can now place your curtains into the washing machine, it is essential to place the curtains into the washer without any other fabrics. Placing other colored fabrics with your curtains may spell disaster and should be avoided. Gentle may suffice for washing curtains and of course not using any bleach or harsh detergents.

When the curtains have been washed they should not be put in the drier as this may shrink the fabric which nay cause problems when hanging them back up. Instead, when they are almost dry the drapes should be ironed to reduce the appearance of water marks. The ironing should be done vertically on the side that does not show so as not to damage them.

That in a nutshell is how to clean your curtains leaving them fresh and vibrant to uplift the ambience of any room.

By master

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