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Fitting A Shower And Tiling

By master Dec28,2022

Fitting A Shower And Tiling

As much as we all love a good long soak on a bath it is not always possible to soak away for hours on end as we usually have some other pressing engagement that needs sorting such as the kids or family, with this in mind it may be worth considering whether or not you even need a bath at all in your bathroom? If you choose to get rid of your bath in favour of a shower cubicle what should you consider first?

Taking a shower is much quicker than taking a bath which is really important if you have a busy life or if you have a big family. Too many people in one house wanting a bath at the same time can turn into a really stressful time.

First thing in the morning nothing wakes you up better than a nice shower, this can be really important especially if you’re not a morning person. Many people have chosen to take a bath first thing in the morning only to relax and fall back to sleep and be late for work.

A shower is much more environmentally friendly than taking a bath. A shower uses a fraction of the water that is used when taking a bath. In a world where we are all trying to be a little greener and caring towards the environment fitting a shower is a good choice.

If the worst comes to the worst and you do not want to totally do away with your bath why not fit a shower over the bath. This is a simple task and requires little more than a shower curtain or screen to ensure that the bathroom does not get soaked.

Tiling is a pretty simple task to do and can be done by most people, even those that have not got a great amount of experience in home improvement. So what should you do to make sure that you accomplish the tasks you set yourself when re-tiling your bathroom?

The first task that you may have to is to safely remove the old tiles from your bathroom walls, the safest way to do this is with a steel chisel and a hammer and tap very lightly on the chisel whilst placed on the top of a tile to gently remove it from the wall. When you have removed all tiles and all of the old tile adhesive your bathroom wall is ready for your new tiles.

Ensure that all of the new tiles are fitted parallel and square otherwise you will have a very strange looking bathroom. The best way to ensure that the tiles are set correctly you may want to use a laser level or similar level as these tools can save you a lot of time. You may need to cut the tiles if the start row is not parallel. Use tile spacers between each tile to guarantee that the tiles are evenly spaced before grout is applied.

When the time comes to apply the grout it is advisable to use a grout spreader to ensure that grout is applied between each tile. It is essential to apply the grout properly as this will stop any water getting behind your tiles and lifting them from the wall.

So with a little bit of patience you should be able to re-tile your bathroom and rejuvenate it quite easily without spending a fortune.

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