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Funky Shower Curtains – Add A Vibrant And Unique Accessory To Your Bathroom

By master Jun30,2022

Funky Shower Curtains – Add A Vibrant And Unique Accessory To Your Bathroom

Funky shower curtains are a testament to personality in the bathroom. Whether you add a multi-colored polka dot design, or a patterned shower curtain with various cartoon characters, there are many options available. Surprisingly enough, many of these “funky shower curtains” flow well into a modern bathroom theme as well. By default, designers are placing more of an emphasis towards contemporary based designs, even when producing a design that is off the wall and unique. Funky curtains for the shower are a fun way to add both unique style and a piece of your own personality to a bathroom.

These wonderful bathroom accessories come in a wide array of designs and styles. As personalities tend to be unique to a specific person, the same can be said for funky curtains. Currently, there are 2 designs in particular that are very popular and dominant in the marketplace. Both of these designs exhibit modern qualities that tie in well to the overall unique design.

The first style is 72″ wide shower curtain that has a simple, yet off the wall pattern of characters doing different pool based exercises. Obviously a curtain like this perhaps could hold more meaning than simply functioning as a typical shower curtain. For those people who shower in the morning, a curtain like this could help inspire some positive based emotions, or help to kick start the daily routine.

A second style consists of an 84″ vinyl curtain for the shower that is extremely durable and does not need a shower curtain liner. This particular design consists of a more contemporary look than the first style, exhibiting many multi colored shapes arranged in a somewhat psychedelic pattern. A shower curtain like this instantly adds personality to your bathroom, while at the same time keeping a contemporary vibe in itself.

Aside from these two more popular designs, there are countless others that match many different personalities. There are quite a few specialized stores that sell designs which absolutely will not be found in local retail outlets. If you are in the market for one of these funky curtains, your best bet is to check online first.

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