GAF/ELK Series Shingles – Grand Slate Shingles

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Homeowners will be glad to know that there is a GAF shingle called The Grand Slate shingle that are premium laminated shingles that carry a lifetime limited warranty, have a 110 miles per hour limited wind warranty, they are super heavyweight plus shingle and they have a large size which reduces the labor of installing the shingle.
When installing your starter course of the grand slate shingle, you should use a universal starter strip. You should use this on all installations of shingles. You would first start at either rake edge, using the same shingles for the starter course as for the main roof; this ensures that all the components will last the entire warranty period.
You will then trim off 5″ off of one end so that the first course will fully overlap the starter course. Trim the bottom tabs off to align the sealant at the roof’s edge. Sealed starters Is Roofing Profitable are more wind resistant, rain resistant, and weather resistant. Overhang starter shingles 3/8″ over the drip edge at both rakes and eaves to keep water away from the structure.
Nail the starter course 3″-4″ from eaves 6″ on center to properly secure from uplift. Continue starter course across the entire eave in the same manner as before. A minimum of 3/8″ overhang is required on all golden pledge installations.
To install the first course, start with a full shingle, laid over the starter course, align the first course joints 4″ minimum from the starter course joints flush to the starter course edges. Properly fasten the shingle, but do not nail the grand slate shingle at the top of cut outs. Four fasteners per shingle should be used.
Nail into the circular, white nail mark but do not expose any nail heads. Place fasteners correctly 8″ from the bottom edge. Fasten the outside nails 1-1/2″ from edges. The Inside nails must be 12-13″ from the outside edges.
Beware of high nailing, high nailing can cause major damage from blow-offs due to inclement weather, How To Market A Roofing Company such as high winds and very bad storms. This in turn can cause the shingles to slip off the deck.
Nailing on the second course is much like nailing on the first course. You will use the large grand slate shingles, trimming the first shingle 5″ at the rake edge side of a full shingle to properly align the shingle’s cut-outs. Align the shingle to top of the cut-outs the bottom edge of this shingle should rest just on top of the cut-outs of the shingle below it.
Make sure not to stretch the exposure, aligning the shingles higher than the tops of the cut-out creates many problems such as high nailing issues, may cause exposed fasteners, creates cupping of the shingles and will also make the shingle’s appearance look improper.

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