GAF Roof Shingles Are Used in Many Homes – Why?

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GAF roof shingles have been around since 1886. The company was started as a small business tailoring to a local community for the necessary shingles needed to repair, build, and protect the many homes in the area. This company grew to a 2 billion dollar a year business relatively quickly, due to its product and knowledgeable staff North American Roofing Acquisition offering both good service and shingles for a good price. This company has expanded to a world wide distribution for roof shingles and has the respect of the industry. In fact the GAF company is known as some of the best shingles you can buy as well as some of the most affordable for both businesses and private home owners.
You can find a large variety of GAF roof shingles to choose from. These shingles come in a variety of materials, sizes, types, and colors. Depending on the type of roof you’re protecting and the types of weather your protecting the home or business against, you can find many different choices. One thing they recommend is that you use a starter strip under the actual shingles to make it less likely that your shingles will blow off. If you take the right precautions then you’re less likely to have to continuously touch up your roof due to weather. Another thing to keep in mind is that certain warranties require you to put the shingles on a certain way using starters on the raking as well as an underlay material that is nailed to the wood to prevent it from easily falling off. This “wind warranty” has some very specific qualifications to pass inspection. Simply using one starter on the rake won’t qualify, but using three will. You also have to use a sealant under the starter to qualify for the enhanced warranty.
The starter strips can be made from a Camelot shingle by cutting off the three shingle tabs and about 4 and 5 16ths of an inch from the left edge (to avoid alignment of the joints of overlapping shingles). You would place the starter Marketing Ideas For Commercial Roofing strip you created one quarter to three quarters of an inch over the rake edges and nail it down. Keep in mind that the Camelot shingles are a heavy duty shingle and will take more effort to cut through than an average shingle.
GAF roof shingles are easy to find no matter where you’re from. Information on how to install them is also pretty widely available. You can find a great deal of helpful videos, websites, and books on this with little effort finding them.

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