Getting Your Roof Ready For Winter

Numerous home owners wait until something goes wrong with their roof before they perform any type of maintenance on it. However, with the ever changing seasons, Autumn brings around the time of year that you need to prepare your roof for winter. By performing this pre-winter maintenance, you are helping to prevent costly repairs later in the season and on into Winter.
The first step to performing this preventative maintenance is to remove all debris from your roof. One relatively easy way to perform this task is by utilizing a leaf blower. Be sure to clear the gutters of debris as well to avoid ice build up over the winter. If you must use a ladder, be sure to have a sure footing and to follow all of the manufacture’s directions for ladder use. It is also a good idea to have someone outside with you while performing these tasks to help with safety standards; holding the ladder, spotting you, etc. Also be sure the area surrounding your house is free of children and neighbors as you don’t want falling debris to hit them.
Upon completing debris removal, perform a visual inspection of your home’s roof. Keep an eye out for any visual damage or cracks to your roof or How Can I Make My Roof Last Longer around the perimeter. This visual inspection can alleviate the need for expensive repairs as it will allow you to catch small problems early.
Another thing to look at while performing a visual inspection is the flashings, gutters and downspouts, step flashings, roof to wall flashings, etc. All of these areas can let water in after a heavy downpour or snowfall. The first thing most homeowners think when they see a stream of water in their home is that there is a problem with the plumbing. However, numerous times the culprit is the roof.
Now that the inspection has been completed, it is time to fill in the cracks that you may have located. The proper repair can be performed by utilizing mastic. However, if during your repair you find the need to use more than six tubes, you may need to consider replacing the entire roof. Ensure you fill the entire crack with mastic, beginning at the ridge to ensure water can’t find its way into your home.
After all of the cracks have been sealed, check the ridges and valleys of your home. Keep in mind that the valleys of a home take on twice as much water as the rest of the roof, so pay special attention to these areas. Fill in any cracks you find in these areas with mastic, ensuring that you don’t clog the roofing tabs.
Once you have performed your home’s preventative roof maintenance, you can rest assured during the blustery days of winter that you have taken the proper steps Roof Cement For Shingles to keep your family safe and warm this winter. Now during the next snowfall you can enjoy its quiet elegance instead of dreading what it’s doing to your roof.

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