How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

By master Dec 5, 2022

A hail storm has just come through your neighborhood and you are seeing roofing company pickup trucks everywhere. Then you notice many of your neighbors getting new roofs. Yikes! Should you be concerned What To Do With Old Roof Tiles and what should you do? How is everyone paying for these new roofs? Do you have hail damage on your roof, and if so, how bad is it? What should you look for? There is one very easy indicator…
Your car has hail damage
Your first indication that you very well may have hail damage on your roof is if hail damage has taken place to your car. If it was sitting out in the driveway the day or night of the hail storm it will usually have hail dings on the hood, roof of the car and trunk area. Now it’s time to seriously think about the roof of your home. What should you do now? Contact your local roofing company in Colorado Springs and schedule an appointment. He will perform a free roof inspection and tell you if damage has been done to your shingles or not. If there is evidence of hail damage then you will simply contact your insurance company’s claims department. Most roofing contractor’s will recommend you bypass your direct insurance agent and go directly to the claims department. They will ask you several questions about the damage which your roofing contractor will have already briefed you on.
Whoa there son! Let’s Back Up the Train. How Much is this Gonna Cost Me?
Now this is usually where those individuals prone to panic attacks head to the medicine cabinet. Just kidding! Most homeowner’s have insurance in place and the policy will normally cover hail and wind damage. But the question some may have is about the total cost of a roof replacement. Well, the cost will vary based on many different factors such as, but not limited to:
1. the grade or incline of the roof itself
2. the type of shingle selected as there are many, many types
3. metal roof could be an option which is priced differently
4. different types of tar paper selections
5. roof Find Roofing Jobs valleys
6. extended warranty options
7. number of chimneys
8. number and types of vents
9. local building permit
Once you have had an inspection, confirmed hail damage and called your insurance claims department then it’s time to discuss the deductible amount of your policy with your roofer. There are many options available and there is no limit to the creativity of a roofing company to assist you with absorbing most of that deductible. Many, many times a homeowner will have very little out of pocket costs associated with a new roof so there’s no need to worry.

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