How to Decorate When You Have a Striped Shower Curtain

By master Apr 24, 2022

How to Decorate When You Have a Striped Shower Curtain

Choosing a striped shower curtain for your bathroom is making a bold statement. You can either keep the rest of the bathroom makeover pretty simple and just do white to really make a statement with your curtain. Alternatively you could choose one of the featured colours and use that as a wall or tile colour and then choose a second colour from your curtain and use that as an accent throughout the bathroom theme such as on window frames or for towels.

You can even choose to take the striped theme further with matching accessories for the sink such as soap dispensers and toothbrush holders. A cup and waste bin will just add the finishing touches. You could get really bold and use tiles to create a stripe running right around the bathroom. Striped towels or plain towels with a striped border will look great especially if you can find a matching bathmat. You may need to shop around to find matching accessories or to co-ordinate your colours. If you can buy everything from one store then they are more likely to already be co-ordinating making your task of decorating your bathroom around a striped shower curtain that much easier.

If you have not already chosen your curtain then you can choose from horizontal or vertical stripes. Horizontal stripes make the curtain appear wider and vertical stripes will add height to your bathroom or shower. Stripes can be thin, wide or a combination whatever you desire. Some striped curtains have stripes that blend into each other, these can give a softer look over a more traditional striped shower curtain. Some curtains have thin to bold stripes creating quite a strong look whether curtain open or closed. Colour choice is pretty much unlimited too, from classic black and white to multicoloured bright stripes and everything in between. A feminine look can be achieved with a striped curtain that has alternating stripes in pretty floral, pastel and chequered stripes. A masculine look can be achieved with vertical stripes in a deep dark colour like burgundy or brown. You cannot beat black and white stripes for a timeless classic look. Blue and white stripes will start off a classic nautical themed bathroom very well indeed.

Designing a bathroom theme around a strong focal point like a striped shower curtain is fun. Fall in love with your chosen striped shower curtain and use it for your colour inspiration when painting, tiling and choosing accessories.

By master

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