How to Get the Most From Shower Curtains

By master May 30, 2022

How to Get the Most From Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are a relatively simple but play important roles in bathrooms. They are sometimes made of cloth but are mostly found in plastic or vinyl materials. Apart from adding style, they give those showering privacy while preventing water from spraying into the other areas of the bathroom. With installation very easy, many people often have two curtains fitted. The inside curtain being mainly for function and the outer one for style.

Consumers can find unique curtains in places like the internet or even specialized stores or boutiques. By looking online, it is possible to find better designs that are not found in physical stores. Installing shower curtains is fun for those who love their houses and love detailing. However, one must always remember that not keeping the shower clean can give a very bad message about the owner’s lifestyle.

Here are a few ways of keeping shower curtains clean so they look great. These steps are to be followed only for plastic or vinyl curtains:

Once the shower curtains are taken down from the holder they have to be placed on a flat surface and sprayed with water.

Once the curtains are drenched, use a soft sponge to softly scrub the curtain.

If the curtain requires more cleaning, a mixture of bleach and water should be used to scrub the tough spots. The mixture should be one cup of bleach for every one quart of water.

Deal with one side first and then turn over to repeat the process on the other side. Dry both sides well to kill any molds.

It is possible to choose shower curtains that define one’s personality. If children will be using the bathroom, designs which have cartoons on them make the bathroom lively and fun are a great way to make kids enjoy bath time. Those who are looking for a designer feel should remember that the options are infinite. It is even possible to get a copy of famous paintings that are normally kept in museums because they now come embroidered on the shower curtains!

It is also necessary to consider how the curtains will be hung. One can choose Velcro or even small snaps on the curtain itself depending on what is convenient. Another common way is to hang them through holes in the top of the curtain. The option chosen should offer an easy way to draw the curtains and take them off.

If that bathroom could use a makeover, try a new shower curtain today.

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