How to Inspect Your Roof

Roof inspection is the responsibility of every home owner. If you are unable to inspect it yourself for whatever reason call a local roofer to come inspect. Roofs are your only line of defense from the elements and when the roof has a leak or crack it can lead to very expensive repairs. Most people will examine their roof in the fall and again in the spring. No matter what type of roof you may have it still requires maintenance as every roof is damage by weather and time.
Safety is the number one concern anytime you are working on a roof. If you do not have the ability or do not feel comfortable do not climb on your roof. People fall every single year. If you are going to be on your roof it is a good idea to secure yourself with Roofer Salary a rope. You will also want to limit walking on your roof as much as possible as it is quite possible you could fall. Some roofs like slate roofs should not be walked on. If this is the case simply use binoculars to safely examine the roof from the ground.
Here are a few types for inspecting your roof:
Always check the flashings. Flashings are breaks in the natural plane of the roof. For example, the chimney or a vent pipe. This area is a little more exposed to the elements and the usual location of leaks. Asphalt shingles are durable but are also more likely to wear heavily for adverse weather. The granular finish of the shingles will fall into the gutters which can be your biggest sign that it is time to replace your shingles.
Wooden roofs are at risk for dry rot and warpage depending on your climate. It is recommend that these type of roofs also be inspected from the ground. Look for cracked, missing, and spit shingles. If there are more than a third that are damaged it is time to replace the roof before serious damage is done to the home.
Metal roofs are design to last 50 years if properly cared for and painted. Inspect for signs of pitting, rust, or corrosion. Be sure to look for any exposed seams or beams. Slate Repairing Wood Shingles roofs will last a lifetime. These high end shingles are very susceptible to damage from ice however because they are so brittle. Look for chipped, broken, or missing shingles.

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