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How to Replace Roof Shingles When Damaged

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There are basically two ways for how to replace roof shingles. The first is doing it yourself and the second is to hire a roofing contractor.
Since a lot of people wont or cant get up on their roof the best way of how to replace roof shingles is to contact several local roofing contractors and getting bids from them for the replacement work. If you get at least three bids you can see what each is going to charge and you get to choose which one fits your needs best. That is how to replace roof shingles if you let someone else do it for you.
If you plan to replace roof shingles by yourself you will need to have some things on hand. What you will need is a ladder that will reach safely to the roof. The ladder should also be very sturdy because it is going to support your weight and it has to be sturdy enough to hold you in place for a while.
Next you really should not do it by yourself. Get someone to assist you. This is very important especially if you ladder blows over whilst you are up on the roof.
You will need some replacement shingles. This time you are replacing those basic three tab asphalt shingles so have a few on hand and in hand when you are up on the roof. Try to obtain these asphalt shingles in a similar color to what you currently are replacing. It does look better.
You will also need a small pry bar or use the nail pulling tab part of a hammer. You Reliance Roof Restoration Colours will be pulling nails out of the damaged shingle and perhaps on the one above it.
Bring some roofing cement up the ladder with you or in your pocket so you can spread some of it on the replacement shingle and also on any other shingles near by that you lifted when you replaced the bad shingle.
You may also want to put some cement on the nail heads that Cheap Roofing Companies Near Me you replaced so it wont leak in the roof around them.
You will also need some roofing nails so you can replace the nails you took out.
Basically you carefully remove the damaged asphalt shingle by pulling out the nails. Then you slide a cemented replacement shingle up under the one above it. Thats how to replace roof shingles. Be careful and remember it’s almost always better to call a professional.

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