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Improve the World – Recycle Your Old Roofing Materials

In days past, when it was time to replace your roofing, most people considered things like cost and appearance and selecting the best material for the job. When the job was done, few gave much thought to the old roof, other than that they were happy to have the job over and done with at a manageable cost. Now, however, more focus is being placed keeping older roofs out of landfills and finding ways to reuse as much of the materials as possible.
Depending on what the former roofing materials are composed of, they may be able to be recycled, either into new shingles, or other products. The most common shingles are made of asphalt or asphalt mixed with fiberglass. These can be recycled Roofing Sheets Philippines Price at the end of their use and added to new batches of material to make new shingles, while pure asphalt shingles are often turned into the sticky tarlike materials used to patch holes in roads and bridges or for general repaving work.
In some cases, they can also be turned into fuel oil for various vehicles. Stone-like materials such as slate and terra cotta can be ground up and used as pigments for paints, or used to make things like garden tiles, while metals are often recycled into new materials, or incorporated into projects such as large outdoor sculptures.
Wooden shingles are often ground into mulch for gardens or used to fill animal bedding. They can also be used in flooring materials or become particleboard to be used in construction projects.
If the roofing materials are in good condition, it is also possible to donate for use on another house. Many churches or other charitable organizations can use unwanted shingles and other materials to construct homes for those in need, either here in the U.S., or abroad, where such materials are difficult to obtain or may be too expensive to provide in large quantities. This is especially true of durable materials such as asphalt and metal.
If you have large quantities of wooden shingles, some garden centers or hardware stores will mulch them into gardening materials, which can be donated to those unable to afford them, or for use in community gardening projects and landscaping, or for playground covering. Stone-like materials such as terra cotta are fairly fragile, and break easily, but these can often be incorporated into art projects and other decorative endeavors, and so can be donated to art supply centers.
One of the major benefits to reusing some of these materials is that it can save money in the long run. For example, recycling old asphalt roofing shingles into asphalt used to repave or repair roads saves money on materials, which can save money for the general public, whose taxes often pay for such materials. At the same time, the quality of the work is maintained, as the materials used in making the shingles has already met the industry’s required standards.
Recycling these materials also benefits the environment, as it reduces the need Roof Inspection Near Me to take more of the limited supply of petroleum to create new products.

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