Is it Time to Get a New Roof Yet?

For many people when they go looking for a roofer it is already too late. Waiting until you have water Roof Restoration Cairns coming through the living room ceiling during a storm is not the best time to go looking for a roofer.
What can you do to try and prolong the life of your roof and also make sure that you call for help with your roof before it needs a total replacement?
Keep Trees Clear Of The Roof
We all love trees, they provide great shade during the hot summers, they produce oxygen and clear out lots of nasty chemicals from the atmosphere. However if your tree has big branches that are growing towards your house you need to keep them in check. A branch can very quickly rub through a layer of shingles.
If you do not keep branches away from your roof you can have some bald shingles or worse within a matter of a few months. If you are unable to get up and trim the offending limbs then either get a professional in to to it or ask one of your neighbors if they can help.
Keep The Rain Cheap Roofing Companies Near Me Gutters Clean
Even if the trees are not rubbing against the roof they are almost certainly dropping leaves, twigs and possible even parts of dead branches onto your roof which then get blown or washed into the gutters. If you do not keep the gutters clean then they can get blocked.
Blocked gutters can cause water to wash back up onto the roof and sometimes it works its way between the shingles and before long you have got a rotten roof. The debris in the gutters can also rot and become very smelly.
Just watching for these two problems could allow your roof to last much longer.

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