Liquid Roofing And Liquid Plastics Have Improved Over The Years

Liquid roofing has been around for many years and it certainly has improved, over the years. That’s not to say that roofers years ago weren’t How To Succeed In Roofing Sales as good as they are today, it’s because the materials used today are far superior and easier to apply than they were years ago.
If a company uses 3m materials you can be assured they have earned the privilege and are a quality roofing company you can trust to solve your leaky roof problems. You have to be nominated as an accredited installer by the 3m corporation to be able to use their materials.
The massive 3m corporation (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing) started way back in 1902 and the original plan was to sell the mineral ‘corundum’ to a manufacturer of grinding wheels. After many years and many ‘mishaps’ 3m decided to go further into research and development and in 1921 the company’s innovations produced waterproof sandpaper. Followed by masking tape and sellotape (Scotch Tape) in 1925. From then on 3m’s corporate image grew and expanded on the unique, innovative products it carried on producing, today the many 3m products are part of our everyday lives and of course the superior 3m roofing materials.
Anyway back to liquid roofing and it many benefits; liquid roofing offers a long-term, protection to any roof whether it’s a concrete, asbestos, asphalt or even wood and metals. In fact there is a liquid roofing solution for almost any type of surface and still is covered by a guarantee.
The work is carried out with speed and dexterity so very little or even no production has to stop if the property is a business. Another benefit is there is no need to strip off the existing leaky roof, even an asbestos roof can be encapsulated completely, with no need to strip it off.
Liquid roofing can be applied as a single coat of protection to using a multi coat system. The roofing specialists will visit your property to assess what type of liquid roof coating system you need. Also, they will advise you on any specific issues associated with your roofing problem.
The cost of a new roof can be much more expensive, not to mention the length of time it takes to strip off the old roof first. Then there’s all Wind Blew Shingles Off My Roof the dust and rubbish, and don’t forget the ‘inclement weather’ that was always a good excuse if the job was taking longer than estimated.
No such excuse needed for liquid roofing as it can be applied in all weathers and is less expensive. (Just have the kettle boiling for a nice hot cup of tea).

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