Maintenance is Critical to Roofing Longevity

When it comes to extending the life of the roof on your industrial or commercial building, prevention is the best medicine. Much like how following a routine maintenance schedule ensures better upkeep of your car, so too does caring Does A New Roof Help Sell A House for the roof on your commercial or industrial building. To avoid costly replacement, taking simple maintenance measures, and addressing minor problems before they have a chance to swell into larger problems, is essential.
Commercial roofs throughout Northern Virginia and Maryland made of sheet metal, asphalt, pea gravel or any other material have at least one thing in common. They are all susceptible to occasional lapses in effectiveness. Similarly, all are less likely to require complete replacement if minor problems are handled immediately by a professional. A leaky roof, even one that lets in only small traces of water, can do major damage to your building’s interior.
If not treated promptly, a job that could have required a simple quick-fix can develop into one that requires more than simply installing a new roof. Water damage to your building’s infrastructure can lead to needing new ceiling tiles, drywall, electrical work and carpet. This is bad enough without mentioning potentially damaged inventory, office equipment or personal items. Suddenly, a job that might have run you in the hundreds can easily swell into the thousands, and beyond.
But if nearly undetectable leaks can cause such a major damage, how can you repair what you don’t realize is broken? Simple. Regular inspections of your property can enable a trained professional to pinpoint an issue that the untrained eye might have missed. This will allow you to act on a small problem before it grows into a big one.
Trained professionals know what to look for, and have the skills to recognize trouble spots that building owners, office managers, and even building superintendents might sometimes miss. By putting your building on a regular, routine preventative inspection program, you increase the chance that a minor problem will be detected early. In retrospect, no one wants to suffer the consequences of inattentiveness. Being proactive reduces the chance that it will develop into a large-scale, costly replacement project.
Roofing systems are an often-forgotten building feature, the part of the structure that too often gets too little attention. Out of sight, the roof is sometimes easy to overlook while maintenance is directed toward more noticeable features like facades, lighting, and even landscaping. However, Thompson Water Seal On Asphalt Shingles above it all, it’s the all-important shelter for investments like computer systems and inventory, the critical shield that typically gets taken for granted. Given that high-ranking responsibility, doesn’t it make sense that you protect the one thing that’s protecting so much of yours?

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