Make Your Bathroom Sparkle With a New Shower Curtain

By master Mar 31, 2022

Make Your Bathroom Sparkle With a New Shower Curtain

There’s nothing wrong with liking things that are easy. We’ve gotten used to remote controls for our TV’s, cell phones to keep in touch, and many other things to make our lives easier. Many times we think we have to just put up with things because that’s the way of the world. But that is not true. I’m talking about hanging shower curtains. Yes, that may seem like a profound statement for something as minor as bathroom accessories, but it still holds true.

When you go to the store to buy a shower curtain, you also have to buy the hooks to go with it. Then you think about all the hassle it will be when you have to hang that curtain. Get one hook in the curtain and another falls out. It seems you have to hang the curtain three times before you actually get it hung. Then there’s always the case of losing one hook and having to buy a whole other set of hooks to replace that one that was lost.

There are alternatives to the traditional curtain called hookless shower curtains. Hookless shower curtains can take on many different forms. There are snap on curtains that fold over the curtain rod and snap together. Another type of curtain has large holes that the rod goes through. The curtain looks like a stretched out accordion. Instead of hooks you can use ties. This can give your bathroom a very ‘homey’ and country look.

Don’t get stressed about hanging shower curtains using those troublesome hooks. Or perhaps you just like to do things a little different than most people. Using a shower curtain hook that is different from the norm, can make your bathroom stand out above the rest. Investigate the many options available that can bring a little flair to your bathroom as well.

And don’t stop with just the hooks. A shower curtain is the biggest thing in your bathroom, and you should treat it like such. Everything else in the bathroom should be bought to match your curtain. Don’t just settle for one plain color, be creative, be exciting, make your bathroom sparkle.

By master

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