Most Popular Types of Roofing Materials

Planning to build a house? Have you thought which type of roofing materials you are going to use for your top? Before plunging in, we will help you narrow down your choice of roofing materials.

One of the main attraction and visible structure in your home is the roof. It’s the part of the house that is usually the center of attraction, especially form afar. So, it’s a must to wisely choose the best roofing material for your abode.

In choosing your top, you have to consider the cost, quality, accessibility, warranty, durability and style. We will discuss these considerations here. Both the pros and cons are listed here.

Wood Shake

most sophisticated

usually preferred by high society group

has a natural look

insulates the attic

your roof will always be unique because it comes in various colors, width and thickness

installation is more complicated Roofing Jobs No Experience compared with other shingles

demands proper maintenance

molding and rotting are the usual problems encountered


one of the most affordable type of roofing materials

neat and clean

comes in recycled content


high quality version come in asphalt or fiberglass shingles

easy to install

can be placed over an existing roof

low maintenance

roof is not as strong as others; can be easily blown off by strong winds

very plain and don’t have the sophisticated look of tile or wood shake

Clay Tile


modern and clean look

comes in various colors, types and styles to suit your fashion requirement

long lifespan


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low maintenance but sensitive to maintain especially the gutter

cannot be destroyed by insects

very heavy that a roofing support is essentially needed

very fragile

installation is quite complicated

costly compared to other roofs


also comes in a very sophisticated and natural look

has good dire protection characteristic

slates are heavy like clay roof so extra support is needed

breakable so walking on it is strongly discouraged

re-painting and cleaning is quite complicated Roof Styles Pictures because of its breakable characteristic

installing in DIY basis in not possible

Concrete Tile

long lifespan

requires low maintenance

fire and insects resistant

can mimic the style and fashion of clay and wood shakes

more expensive than asphalt and composite shingles


one of the most popular roof in the roofing industry

trendy and fashionable

comes in various style sand colors to suit your needs

can be installed over an existing roof

75 to lifetime warranties

100% fire resistant and durable

reflects off heat

doesn’t rot, mold or crack

very little or no maintenance at all

no need to re-paint

it can resemble the appearance of wood shakes or clay tiles


you can avail of Federal Tax credit if you install before December 31, 2010

increases the value of your property

perfect shield for hurricanes

environment friendly

made form 65% recyclable materials

costs twice the cost of traditional roofs

Remember that cost alone is not an absolute gauge to determine quality. Also, not all of these materials will meet your needs. So again, careful selection is very essential. by choosing wisely, you can reduce the cost of roof replacements which can save you in the long run.

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