Not All Eco Roofs Are Green Roofs

When people in the greater Los Angeles area think of going green, they typically think of changing their lifestyle toward becoming more environmentally friendly. When it comes to the term “green roofs” though, people generally think of any type of roof that is environmentally friendly. But the Bitumen Roofing Sheets Manufacturers fact is that green roofs are a special type of eco roof that incorporates plants and other organic materials. The terms might be a bit misleading, but the goals are the same: to change the current mindset in the construction field to become more conscience of mankind’s affect on the planet.
The push to create new eco roofing materials has yielded some great new products for all types of desired looks. For those that want the affluent look of legendary castles and cathedrals, there are several types of eco slate roofing materials. Eco slate roofing materials look just like a classic slate roof, except they use less slate and they offer the building owner great savings on their utility costs.
Eco metal roofing materials are similar to other types of metal roofs, with some exceptions; eco metal uses recycled materials, and they are coated with special treatments that reflect the heat from the Types Of Roofing Sheets In India hot Southern California sun away from the interior of the building. These cool roof coatings can help to save into 50% on the average utility costs associated with keeping a building air conditioned.
Then there are eco wood shake roofing materials that are made with recycled wood and plastic, but when finished look a lot like classic wood shingles. The best thing about eco wood shake roofing materials is that they do not have to be treated for fire protection. These wood shakes are manufactured with a class A fire rating and a class 4 impact rating, which is the highest rating any type of roofing material can get.
As far as green roofs go, this style of roof design is starting to really take off in this current push to find ways to live in harmony with nature. If every commercial building in Southern California installed green roofs, not only would it cut energy usage, it would also help to improve the air quality for the entire state.
Because green roofs convert the typically black rooftops of commercial buildings into lush gardens, these spaces can then be used for simple rooftop park space or used for other purposes. Some savvy commercial building owners have taken their green roofs and leased out to bio-tech firms or even nurseries, which adds to the overall revenue for the commercial building as a whole.
The best part about all of these environmentally friendly roofs is that they qualify for fantastic tax credits. The federal government and the state of California, have been offering tax incentives to building owners that go green. There are even some communities in the greater Los Angeles area that also offer some incentives to commercial building owners that incorporate energy saving designs into their buildings.

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