Organic Moss Treatment Products and Ideas

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One of the more expensive maintenance tasks one has to carry out around the home is the annual ritual of clearing out the gutters and as is often the case, the rainwater downpipes as well. Many home owners have now turned to roof cleaning companies to remove the roof moss and thus reduce the frequency at which the gutters require cleaning. With less moss making its way into the guttering system the probability of an expensive underground drainage blockage is significantly reduced.
Removing moss is in reality the first step, the next is to apply a chemical or (if you prefer) an organic inhibitor that will prevent early regrowth. Many tradesman choose a chemical that is sprayed directly onto the roof. This usually prevents re growth for between one and five years, depending on the quality of the chemical, how much is applied and other factors.
However there are those who are concerned about the environmental impact of using large quantities Parts Of A Ceiling of chemicals around their home and are looking for alternative organic methods.
One of the easiest, cheapest but often overlooked suggestions is to trim back any overhanging tree branches as moss loves to grow in damp Parts Of A Roof Truss shaded areas of the roof. Allowing more sunlight onto the tiles will result in a drier roof that is less suited to prolific moss growth.
Another suggestion is to fix copper strips to the roof tiles, either at the ridge or part way down the roof. When it rains and the water comes into contact with the metal, a small amount of moss killing residue is released thus preventing further growth on the roof.
Copper has long proven to be a reliable environmentally friendly moss inhibitor. However it is not strong enough to treat any existing growth, that must first be removed, preferably by manual scraping or as another option, by pressure washing.
The copper will typically have an expected lifespan of 25+ years and is maintenance free. It is the perfect solution for allergy sufferers and organic gardeners looking to rid their roofs of moss growth without using chemicals.

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