Overview Of A Few Roofing Materials

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Roofing materials are one of the most important items on your shopping list once the basic skeleton of your new home is over and done with. The box that makes up wall covers and sub-floor will be finished only when the new roof is laid out. There are many factors that affect the cost of a new home but roofing materials make up a big chunk of it. The roofing material not only impacts the immediate finances but also affect your expenses in the long-term through repair and renovations.
There are several roofing materials that are popular and widely used. We will explore a few in details. There are some useful tips to help you select the ideal roof. Not all roofs are suited for every roofing need. Flat roofs differ significantly from sloping ones and their roofing needs are quite different. If the roofs are designed with lots of gables, dormers, chimneys and vent pipes then roofing materials have to be bought that can adapt to match these needs.
Asphalt Black Jack Roof Cement Walmart Shingle
The most commonly used roofing material is asphalt. The reasons are not far to seek. As a versatile roofing material it has few peers. It is inexpensive, easy to lay and lasts for 10-15 years. This shingle is manufactured with a fiberglass base and into this asphalt is impregnated on either side. When granules of asphalt are added to the shingles it gives a nice textured look.
Asphalt shingles are available in two kinds. The standard size and thicker ones. The thicker shingles are more expensive, last longer have laminated look. The last around 25 years. Thinner shingles are less expensive, is not as good when it comes to looks and is less durable too.
Wood Temporary Roofing Insurance
Wood was once one of the most popular roofing materials for home construction all over the world. It is still popular in countries where it is cheap and plentiful. But, with the forests becoming scarcer and environmental laws tougher wood is getting to be a lot more expensive than before. Another, deterrent is the lower fire resistance of wood. The stringent fire prevention laws have limited the use of this versatile medium.
Metals are also a popular alternative in roofing and have been in use for a long time. The most commonly used metals are aluminum, steel, copper, copper mixed with asphalt. These roofs can be laid out either as shingles or in sheet form. The come in both types and have to be ordered according to your needs.
If you are using aluminum or steel then they are installed in sheet form with seams. If using lead or copper with asphalt then it is available as shingles. Metal roofs are very expensive ranging from $250 – $750 per square.

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