Popular Types of Roofing Materials

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Having good quality roofing materials is what every homeowner dreams of. Every house requires a roof that is sturdy, dependable, durable, and cost effective. Times have changed and so has the methods of building houses that can stand the test of time and last a lifetime. The same way that a house needs to be built carefully and with precision, must a roof be built with the same amount of attention to detail and accuracy. Using the right roofing materials can prolong the lifespan of your roof without needing to replace anything for a very long time all the while looking great.
Most people know that almost up to 90% of all rooftops in the western world are all built using asphalt shingles and this is due to them being affordable, durable and somewhat easy to construct onto rooftops. Although they are probably the most popular types of roofing materials in the world they are most certainly not the only type.
The most popular and common types of roofing materials that you’ll find in the market are:
• Thatching- this method is made from plant stalks that are tightly woven into Flat Roof Repair Materials overlapping layers. These are available in wheat straw, sea grass and rye straw.
• Shingles – This is a generic term used for roofing material that works for overlapping pieces one over the other. Shingles are available in many different types of materials and the most popular would include: asphalt, asbestos, hardwood, red cedar, and concrete.
• Membrane roofing -this is done by using materials like plastic, rubbers, bitumen, polyesters and fiberglass. These materials usually come in large sheets and are attached by means of joining the corners which in turn creates a large continuous surface.
• Metal roof material – presently this has become very popular by being the most eco-friendly form of roofing available on the market. This is mostly because of its lightweight but yet durable Roof Defects Causes And Remedies capabilities but its best feature will surely be that it comes at a very low cost in price. This type of roofing is usually available in metal or aluminum, and also galvanized steel.
• Tiles for roofing – Let’s not forget the ever popular terracotta tiles used all over the world. In India they use a very popular form of Mangalore clay tiles that has an incredible lifespan of up to 80 years if weather permits. Clay tiles are extremely popular but keep in mind that they are often some of the most expensive by the square meter.
Roofing materials of high quality are a great investment but remember that asphalt barely makes 20 years and with the average American that moves house every 7 – 8 years it might not be worth it and you may also not get your money’s worth back when selling your house.
Metal roof material on the other hand sometimes comes with a guarantee of 50 years. As with any big project always do your homework and even more so when it comes to your roof and buying quality roofing materials.

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