Pros and Cons of Various Roofing Types

Roofing is available in a wide range of types to meet the budget and personal tastes of any homeowner. When considering a new roof for your home, there are pros and cons to each type of roofing available. Maintenance, energy-efficiency, cost and even environmental impact can all be factors you may want to consider. A new roof is a major investment that can be expected to last you for at least 20 years with proper maintenance under most conditions. If you need assistance in choosing the best roofing for your home, we advise contacting a professional roofing contractor as they can make the best recommendations for your needs and install your new roof as well.
Asphalt or composition shingles are the most commonly installed type of roofing since they are inexpensive and easy to install when compared to other roofing types. They’re readily available in a wide range of colors and are generally well-suited to a variety of homes, plus they are fire-resistant. On the downside, asphalt shingles are typically vulnerable to being torn off in high winds and they don’t last very long when compared to other roofing types – an average asphalt shingle roof will last approximately 15-30 years. In addition, they are not very environmentally-friendly, but some manufacturers offer shingles made with recycled materials.
Wooden shakes are a very attractive option for roofing. They are typically available in a wide range of woods including cedar, redwood and pine. They can be more energy-efficient than other roofing types since the wood will act as an insulator and air can circulate under the shakes, allowing for Roofing Jobs No Experience better ventilation of the spaces under the roof. However, wooden shakes are very susceptible to rotting or insect damage, requiring that they be regularly inspected and maintained. They typically are not rated for fire-resistance although some shakes are treated with fire-resistant compounds.
Clay tiles are very popular, especially in the Southwestern US. Typically, a clay tile roof will last for a very long time since it won’t rot or burn and will not attract insects. Additionally, a light-colored clay tile roof can reflect a good portion of the sun’s heat, making your home much cooler. On the downside, clay tiles are very heavy and your home may not be able to support the weight, plus tiles can be easily broken if anyone needs to go up on your roof.
Slate is another option that gives the same advantages of clay tiles, plus a slate roof can easily last for 100 years or more. However, as with clay tiles the weight is again a concern that may make How To Get Into Roofing them unsuitable for any home, plus they can be easily broken. Slate is also one of the most expensive roofing options and doesn’t offer as many choices of colors since it is a natural stone.
Metal can be a very attractive and unique choice for a new roof that has many advantages – it is very light, is invulnerable to rotting or burning, has excellent heat-reflecting properties and is low-maintenance as well. It is also a fairly low environmental impact material since steel used for roofing is generally recycled. It can be very expensive in comparison to other roofing types, nonetheless.

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