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Re-Roofing: A Few Things to Consider

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Re-roofing is a significant decision to make in home ownership. It involves understanding your home’s overall construction as well as how much value you are able to add to it. Once you gain ownership you realize how important maintenance is to not only the inside of your home but the exterior as well, and roofs definitely take a seasonal pounding.
Whether your home is a recent construction or half a century old, roofs have a life expectancy all their own – up to fifteen years. Documentation of when the roofing materials were applied is important, but a professional roofing specialist can inform you of the time you have left to receive fair coverage Importance Of Roof Maintenance from your roof. A professional assessment is important because there are three common factors affecting a re-roofing decision: durability of the existing material from leaking or flying debris, curling and cracking due to lack of regular maintenance, and the prevailing weather conditions of your region.
Regardless of modern construction or historic home, the most commonly used residential roofing materials include: asphalt, wood, or slate shingles, clay tiles, and metal roofing. The choice in material use often depends on how the structure is used. Re-roofing is not simply for the replacement of existing shingles or tiles, it is also an opportunity to explore updating the style and value of your home. Based on your home’s construction, you may wish to keep with the initial builder’s style or go for your own. While asphalt is more universal, wood is very style specific, yet slate is the most durable and has the ability to fit right in with a more historic home that you’d like to maintain.
As stated earlier, roofs typically offer no greater than fifteen years of successful resident protection, home value, and visual appeal. Over time, cracking and splitting in the materials allow snow and rain water to leak into and damage attic space and walls that make contact with the roof. Mold or rot of the inner walls can occur, which leads to staining and costly repairs. In addition, wind and large debris can displace and How To Paint Ceiling dislodge several shingles over the entire roof surface. This is why the most significant catalyst in shortening the life of your roofing materials and assembly is the extreme weather of any particular region. Too much of anything is hard on the typical residential roofing materials. The repetitive slam of snow in some regions or rain and sun in others gradually wears away at the security of the aging roof over your head.
The decision to carry out re-roofing construction can exceed the option to simply replacing the existing roof materials. Your roofing specialist can help you select materials that will provide an updated, more durable roof for your regional weather. Re-roofing not only adds reassurance of your investment in home ownership, it also adds value to your home in the form of curb appeal, home equity, and potential resale value. Overall, the conclusion to carry out re-roofing construction as an investment is a secure one.

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