Real Prices For the Only Roof That Matters – Your Own

By master Jan 30, 2016 #matters #prices

Advances in aerial photography and the latest in roof material and labor price software means that for the first time ever a homeowner can research actual real-time prices that are determined for their own house, long before the first roofer climbs up there with his tape measure.
Just like Carfax researches and reports on a given automobile, there are options now for measuring and researching the typical re-roofing prices for a given home or building. It gives homeowners access to unprecedented information that was previously the domain of the roofer. Now the buyer has a reliable, accurate, personalized yardstick with which they can make an informed decision. The best part? This objective, customized data is available for the price of power tool at Home Depot.
This information was previously only available from an independent source if the owner was willing to hire a roof consultant who could provide the same information for hundreds – or even thousands! – of dollars. A Different Types Of Roofing Sheets roof consultant wouldn’t even drive across town for the price of an internet-based measurement and pricing report, but now the same package of information they provide is available to almost anyone for about $80.
The benefits of such a modern method of evaluating re-roof projects extend to both homeowners as well as roofers. Now the competent roofer has the opportunity to show his value to an educated consumer who understands more of the complexities of his job than ever before. Instead of competing against low bids that leave many important details out in order to appear cheaper, the good roofers can use the owner’s web report to show how he has covered all the bases and is offering full value for his bid. Owners armed with such modern and accurate data will have new respect for the scope of work offered by the quality roofer, and be ready to chase away the “fly-by-nighter” who cuts corners and is ill-prepared Marketing Ideas For Commercial Roofing to address all of the concerns that go into a complete roofing bid. Salespeople for roofers who have encountered owners with these custom information packages report their chances of negotiating a sale are actually increased because the owners are more informed and confident. The owners’ questions are better and more specific and offer the knowledgeable roofer the chance to show off their smarts and thoroughness. The formulas for roof prices contained in the online measuring software are not intended to take away the profit from a roofer, but rather justify it to an owner. It creates a win/win environment where the owner can be a smart shopper, and a good roofer can be paid for his expertise.
It’s truly a new era in professionalism and transparency in this segment of the construction industry. The roofing industry has just been changed forever!

By master

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