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Residential Roofing: Giving Your Home’s Exterior a Complimentary Finished

Perhaps one of the most important elements of a home is its roof. After all, it keeps you protected from the sun’s rays, winter’s cold, rain and much more. However, in addition to the protective aspect of a roof, it is also affords you a way to enhance the exterior of your home.
If you go to a home improvement store, you will find many colors, textures and types of materials, so determining which one works best work with your home can be difficult. As result, having a basic understanding of the five basic types of shingles available can help you narrow down your selection.
Asphalt Shingles Roofing Scripts
These are the most common type of shingle primarily because it is affordable and adaptable to a wide variety of situations. It is available in an abundance of colors, styles, textures and shapes. However, the guarantee on asphalt shingles varies depending on the core element of the shingle. For instance, a felt core shingle has a 15-year guarantee while a fiberglass shingle has a guarantee of 20 years. Also, before selecting a type of asphalt shingles, be sure to check your local building codes as sometimes the felt core shingles are not allowed. In addition, if you will be adding asphalt shingles to your existing roof cover, you will want to find out if multiple layers of shingles are permitted.
Wood Shingles
If you desire a natural looking roof, then wood shingles such as cedar shakes are perfect: they look elegant and will enhance any architectural style. Shakes and shingles will have anywhere from a 30-50 year guarantee, depending on whether they are made Purlin Roof Advantages with thinner butt ends of lower grade wood, or if they are made from stronger, straight-grained wood. Also, if you want to ensure your wood shingles are preserved and have been coated with fire retardants, this will often incur an additional cost.
Metal Shingles
Lightweight, strong and fire and wind resistant, metal shingles are manufactured to simulate asphalt shingles, clay tiles, shakes and slate. In addition, they are available in a wide variety of colors or can be painted to whatever you would like. They are ideal for steep or low pitched roofs, and work well with contemporary-styled architecture. Metal shingles have a guarantee of 25 to 30 years.
Clay and Slate
These are especially great on homes with a Mediterranean appearance. The tiles are as indestructible as they are elegant and can last for many decades. One drawback to clay and slate tiles is that they are heavy, so you need to be sure your current roof can support them. Additionally, this style of shingle is quite expensive.
Concrete Tiles
Lighter than clay or slate, concrete tiles offer a plethora of decorative options and are as functional as they are attractive. They have a life expectancy of 50 years or more and come in curved, flat, and ribbed shapes. You should also keep in mind that they are somewhat fragile, pricey and hard to install.

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