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Roof Installation: Choosing the Right Roofing Option for Your Home

If your roof is leaking, the shingles are coming loose and you’re noticing moisture seeping into your home, then it’s time to replace your roof. Roof replacement can be a confusing home improvement project to take on because of the many roofing material options available. Yet, it doesn’t have to be so complex. If you know what each roofing option offers you and your home, you can easily select the right one.
Asphalt Shingles
Asphalt shingles are the most popular type of roofing material and for good reason. It’s one of the least expensive roofing options and asphalt shingles are available in dozens of colors to make it easy to match the look of your home. In addition, many Legacy Roofing Reviews of the asphalt shingles being made today come with a 20 or 30 year guarantee, so you know you’ll have a durable roof for years to come. The only drawback is that asphalt shingles are so common and won’t set your home apart from others on the block.
Wood Shingles and Shakes
Quite possibly one of the most stunning looks for your roof is wood shingles or shakes. Wood shingles are smooth and cut to a uniform thickness, but can vary in width. Wood shakes, on the other hand, are thicker and rougher. A properly installed and maintained wood roof should last 30 to 50 years. One thing to be mindful of though, is you should be sure to install your wood roof with high-quality stainless steel nails to avoid rusting.
Slate Roofing Water Leaking Through Nails In Roof
Slate roofing is attractive, lasts for generations, sheds ice and snow, and tends to be expensive. Since it’s so expensive and heavy, it’s not used much anymore other than for municipal buildings that can support its weight. Regardless, slate roofing is so durable that it is guaranteed to last for as long as 50 years.
Metal Roofs
Metal roofing comes in the form of corrugated, galvanized sheets and is usually used on barns, sheds, and other utility buildings. This type of roof is inexpensive, rugged, long-lasting and easy to install. In addition to metal roofs, there are also copper roofing materials that offer elegance to some of the most beautiful homes in the country. In addition to being well-suited for agricultural buildings, metal roofs are also perfect for homes that endure tough winters.
Ceramic Roofing
Ceramic tile roofs are most commonly used in Mediterranean-style homes in Florida and California. Since ceramic tiles are quite heavy, you need to make sure that the roof framing is strong enough to support the weight. Waterproofing is another important thing to consider when installing ceramic tiles on the roof of your home. Although this style roof can be quite expensive, ceramic tiles also tend to last 60 to 80 years if well-maintained.
Even though the roofing options might seem endless, with the right information in hand you can make the right decision for your home. Choose the best option that fits your budget, meets your environmental needs and makes your home look as beautiful as it can.

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