Roofing – Finding Problems Early

A home’s roofing is designed to last a minimum of 30 years. However, when there are extreme weather conditions, the roofs integrity can be compromised, and the homeowner should pay special attention to some of these factors when determining the health of their home’s roofing. When assessing the health of the roofing, there are a few factors that might indicate signs of trouble, without actually having to go onto the roof for a closer inspection.
Water tightness is the roofs ability to repeal water. Although the roof typically does a good job of keeping rainwater and melting snow out of the home, many times the roof is not completely water-resistant. Although the application of roof coating helps minimize the possibility of water leaks, it’s still important to fix the affected roofing shingles before applying a roof coating.
Heavy snowfall can compromise water tightness because the snow accumulations can cause the roof to sag, and if the snow is too heavy, there is a chance the roof could collapse. Checking the home’s attic for water leaks is a good way to find out if the roof has been compromised with water leaks. Stained wood patches are an indicator of water damage, they are usually found surrounding the nails, in the gaps, or other roofing material.
Insulation is added to the roof on the inside of the home to prevent heat or cold air from escaping through the contours of the roof. Standard insulation is composed of a an insulating material and a vapor barrier. This vapor barrier is installed in between the finishing material of the ceiling and the insulation to prevent air from escaping the attic. The vapor barrier must be airtight, and if the home seems to easily lose heat or cool air, this is an indicator that there may be some insulation or roofing compromise.
If the insulation is still intact, then it may be possible that one of the roof shingles has become loose, due to extreme wind conditions. Higher energy bills can be an indicator of poor insulation in the home. Likewise, the home needs proper ventilation, and the roofing Roof Restoration Wollongong is a big factor in keeping the home properly ventilated. Good ventilation can decrease the accumulation of snow on the roof. Additionally, proper ventilation prevents the shingles from getting too hot, which can make the home uncomfortable during the summer.
Although most roofing is designed to last up to 30 years, some home’s in extreme climates may need some roof repair within this 30 year period. However, it Composite Corrugated Roofing is possible to avoid major repairs by simply checking the conditions within the home, which can be affected by poor ventilation, or leaks in the roof.

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