Roofing Materials: Environmentally Friendly or Not?

Old automobile tires can make a new roof for your house. Yes, really. Technology has made it that we can recycle old rubber tires and make something useful out of them instead of simply throwing them away. The rubber is melted down and then made into sheets which is then stamped to look like regular shingles. They can be used on any roof and retain a great weather proof rating. We already know that rubber is waterproof, and durable, now it can go to work on top of your home and be environmentally friendly to boot. The excess from any job can be picked up and recycled again, meaning no trips to the dump.
Slate tile roofing is so durable and long lasting, it can perform on one house for up to 100 years and then be recycled onto another roof. The hardware will need to be replaced, but the shingles themselves are still as good as new. Roof Cement For Tiles Since it is a natural choice, slate tiles are more expensive than other types of roofing, but think of the longevity factor and when you throw in the zero absorption rating, you have a definite environmentally sound choice.
Wooden roofs cannot be recycled. Wood is natural, yes, but it also deteriorates over time. When it is time to replace the roof, you may be able to reclaim some pieces, but the majority will be fit only for the landfill. What you do salvage may be good for something that will be mainly inside your home, you cannot re-use beams on another roof.
Asphalt shingles eventually wear out. The granular top coat will come off and wash away, leaving you with the paper backing that will shrivel and tear in the elements. These cannot be re-used, either. All of an old asphalt roof will end up in the landfill.
Metal roofing materials are durable and long lasting, some last as long as slate tiles, but they do patina and discolour on you over time. They can be recycled quite easily meaning less waste on your next roofing job.
There are so many roofing options out there today. Choosing one that is durable, long lasting and environmentally friendly may be easier than you think. Price, longevity, Roof Cleaning ease of installation and maintenance are all things to take into account when thinking of a new roof, not to mention how much waste will you have when the job is over.

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