Roofing Materials – Get it Right the First Time to Avoid a Disastrous Project

Regardless of whether or not you are going to take on your home roofing project by yourself, the cardinal sin of this kind of job is skimping on roofing materials. Though re-roofing your home can be a costly endeavor, taking short cuts can potentially lead to disastrous results that could end up costing you significantly more in the long run. If you are not relying on a professional contractor to do the job, read all instructions thoroughly and, with respect to all roofing materials, purchase slightly beyond what you anticipate you will need to finish the work.
Take it from veteran roofers who have either learned from their own mistakes or have had to essentially come to the rescue of many a home improvement project gone bad. One Proper Roof Inspection common short cut, many roofers will tell you, that only saves a little upfront money and nearly always results in a substandard roofing project is skimping on flashing.
Some DIYers, when installing their own asphalt shingle roof have gone ahead and adapted some of the excess shingles to replace flashing against the chimney for example. That may be just fine for the first year or two, but after time the effects of the weather may cause the shingle to crack and curl, allowing potentially damaging moisture entry. In most cases the home owner won’t even realize the extent of the damage that shoddy workmanship can cause until it is far too late.
Your choice of roofing materials can affect the quality of your project as well. You might be tempted to save a little money on roofing underlayment, for example. But the little money that you do save now could end up costing you quite a bit down the road. Consider using synthetic roofing underlayment in lieu of the traditional felt roofing paper, especially if you are going to do the roofing job yourself. The synthetic paper tends to be easier to work with – less flapping in the wind, less slippery when moist, more resistant to ripping, etc. Also, for long-term durability, the synthetic material has been found to be quite resistant to fungus, pest infestation and the like.
In your effort to save more money on your project, you may even be tempted to buy less expensive roofing materials. As a prime example, galvanized roofing nails may cost a little more, but for your roof to withstand the rigors of ever changing weather they are a necessity. You should be liberal in your use of roofing glue or roofing adhesive. If you have to buy more to finish the project, that is a far less expensive alternative than having to fix a leaky roof or loose shingles or tiles at a later date.
Take your time and read your material list methodically and carefully. Again, buy slightly more than is recommended Functional Requirements Of Ceiling by the roofing manufacturer or roofing guide. Pay a little more now so that you don’t have to pay a lot later.

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