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Roofing Soffit Ventilation: Why Do Houses Need It?

If you’re installing a new roof or building a new home, pay special attention to the installation, and specifically, the soffit vents. Although these are small and nearly unnoticeable to most people, they perform a very vital role in the efficiency of your home. Learn what these soffits do and why you should make sure that your house includes them.
What Is A Soffit
A soffit is a small vent that is installed on the underside of a roof’s overhang. They’re available in many different sizes and styles, including rectangular grills and small discs. A soffit should be as large as the overhang to allow for the greatest air circulation and they should not be covered. Sometimes bees and other pests can make their home just on the inside of these vents, but this is usually easily taken care of.
Why Are These Vents How To Market A Roofing Company Important
These vents allow air to circulate throughout the attic and are extremely important to keeping a home’s roof healthy. Some homeowners mistakenly think that an attic that allows in warm air in the summer will mean that their air conditioning needs to work overtime. What it actually does, however, is prevent the shingles from being damaged from excessive heat in the summer and it also prevents ice damming in the winter.
In addition to keeping the shingles safe, properly installed soffit vents also help keep moisture from forming in the attic. A closed-off, unventilated attic can mean that warm, moist air will stick around inside. This air can condense and cause rotting and mold inside your home. Nearly every homeowner knows what a nightmare mold can be and having roofing contractors install soffits can be an easy way to minimize the risk of mold.
How A Roofing Company Can Determine Roofer In Philadelphia If You Have Enough
If you know you have soffits installed, but you have problems with moisture accumulating in the attic, call around to roofing contractors for advice. A qualified roofing company will be able to take a look at your attic and your roof to let you know if the soffits are doing their job, or if you should use fans to help the air circulate. These contractors will also be able to walk through your attic to see if there is any insulation blocking the vents and move the insulation so that the air can circulate properly. One your contractor has determined that the insulation is in the right place, they’ll likely add in a baffle. This small piece of plastic holds the insulation at bay and roofing contractors will know exactly where they need to be added for the best results.
Knowing what a soffit vent is and how it helps keep your house energy efficient is extremely important when you’re installing a new roof or having moisture problems inside your home. If you’re not sure if your house has these vents, take a close look along the underside of the overhang of your roof. If you don’t see them, consider calling in a roofing company to make sure your attic isn’t an ideal breeding ground for mold.

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