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Roofs – Materials Commonly Used When Roofing

Is it time for a new roof on your house? If your house has shingles on it you might think that is all you need for a new roof. Not so! There is much more to it than that to have a water-tight roof. Roofing contractors use several different materials when they apply new roofs.
It is normally recommended for old roofs to be torn off before the new ones are applied. There are special serrated shovels designed just for tearing up those old shingles. You have to be sure to get the old nails out too. The serrated design helps grab and remove the nails.
Replace any Damaged or Rotten Wood
Once the roof is torn off you will need to examine the roof closely for any damaged or rotten wood. If there are any bad areas Roof Financing Tampa you must replace the plywood or sheeting boards. You’ll need a good saw for cutting and nails for putting the new wood down.
Apply the Roofing Felt or Underlayment
After your roof is nice and clean and any bad wood replaced your next step is to lay down the underlayment. Commonly used felt underlayment is 15 or 30 pound weight. You will want to double this in the valleys for extra protection. A hand tacker can be used to apply the felt.
Shingle Application
When the felt is on over the roof deck next is the shingle application. You will need special roofing nails to apply them. Most people and almost all roofing contractors use compressors and nail guns for this. But there are still some old-fashioned roofers that use a roofing hatchet and do it by hand.
Three Tab Shingles – Basic Roof Protection
There are several different types of shingles you can use for your residential roofing. Three tab shingles are very common and many roofs have these. It is a good basic shingle that will keep your roof and home protected.
Architectural Shingles for a Three Dimensional Look
Architectural shingles are being used more and more today. They are sometimes called dimensional shingles because of their three dimensional look. They come in a wide variety of colors. There are even different styles of these with different weights and different manufacturer’s warranties.
Chimney Flashing
If any of the metal flashing on the roof is worn out you will need to replace that too. The chimney flashing is normally a first layer of step flashing that is woven into the courses of shingles and the side of the chimney. If the flashing is still in good shape it may suffice to seal it with roofing cement.
Roofing Cement for How Many Roofs Are Replaced Each Year Sealing Things Up
Roofing cement is used to seal around chimneys, vents, and any roof protrusions. It comes in different types of containers like buckets or tubes. A putty knife, trowel, or caulking gun can all be used for applying the roof cement.

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