Roofs – The Causes of Leaks

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It’s a rainy day and the last thing on your mind is roof repairs. There you are curled up with a good book and relaxing. Drip. Drip. Drip. Where is that infernal dripping noise coming from? You finally decide to get up and investigate and you quickly realize your roof is leaking right over your favorite coffee table. Out come the buckets to catch the water that has penetrated your home.
Why is your Roof Leaking?
There are a few reasons why your roof could be leaking. If your roof is old it just might be past its life expectancy. But often roofs start to leak before they have become old. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why.
Leaking Chimney
Chimneys are a prime place for water to infiltrate your home. They are normally sealed to your roof with flashing and roof cement. Flashing can become Painted Roof Tiles Before And After damaged and the cement can come loose from the area. The cement could also become brittle and cracked letting water seep under the shingles.
Leaking Vent Stacks
Your home more than likely has numerous vents. They can be for your fan on your stove, bathroom fans and vents. Roof vents are installed (and should Second Hand Roofing Sheets Near Me be) on homes to let hot air out of the attic. Attics become very warm in the summer and letting the hot air out is a good energy saver.
But vents are also a source of leaks. Their flashing can become damaged just like around your chimney. They may just need to be resealed. It is not uncommon for roof repairs around vents to fix your problems and give you years of a water-tight home.
Use a Professional Roofing Contractor
The good news is that repairing these chimney and vent leaks are relatively easy for a reputable roofing company. They know the proper way to apply roof cement and to repair metal flashing. Believe it or not there is an art to the proper sealing of vents and chimneys. Make sure you use a professional roofing company.

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