Rubber Roofing Options

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If you have a low pitched roof or a flat roof you may need to give it special attention every once in a while. One option is rubber roofing and is a good choice for many reasons. Rubber roofing can be used over a large area and doesn’t need as much splicing. It bonds together strongly and doesn’t allow any leaks. You don’t need a professional contractor to handle the job; with a few tools and a little help you can add roofing of rubber to your home.
There are many sizes that rubber roofing comes in to fit over your roof. The thickness of rubber ranges from 45 mil to 90 mil. If you know how much you will need you can order it in advance from 50 feet in length to 100 feet long. Allow the company time to order it before you install it. If your roof is leaking already, you may need to fix it temporarily until the material comes in. If you are having the roofing professionally installed, make sure that you check out the contractor you selected before he starts working on your roof. You want to check to make sure that he is licensed and you have his quote for the complete job down on paper before he begins.
If you are adding your own rubber roofing you will need to have some tools on hand to finish the job. These tools include rubber gloves, rollers, tape, flashing, roof jacks, adhesive, and a primer.
You can install rubber roofing on wood, metal, concrete, or cement surfaces. Be sure before you install it, you clean the area thoroughly first. What ever is left on the roof will stay between your roof and the rubber roofing material leaving it time to sit and deteriorate. This may cause a weakness in your roof which will lead to a rot eventually.
Rubber roofing is the best alternative if you have a flat roof. It can be placed on mobile home roofs, garages, and homes. It usually comes with at least a twenty year warranty. This is Types Of Roof In Building Construction a great alternative to some of the hard labor roofing materials used such as rolled asphalt. Roofing made from rubber can hold up to any weather related elements that come your way.
Measure the space you want to cover with rubber and then double measure to make sure that your have covered the area completely before you order any materials. Rubber roofing is made from a synthetic type rubber that is known as Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. It is single-ply roofing but can provide many years of protection. Rubber material is usually made from recycled material in order to help protect the environment.
When choosing this type of roofing, you will find that it is low maintenance and will save you money in the How To Patch A Hole In A Mobile Home Roof long rub. It is a lighter type of rubber and is easy to install so you will be able to handle it with ease.

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