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Safe Roofing Practices

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Roofing in Jefferson City, MO-or anywhere else in mid-Missouri-can be dangerous work. Therefore, anyone who is considering repairing or replacing a roof should follow safe roofing practices. For those who prefer to hire a roofing contractor to do the work, it is important to verify that the contractor has a safety plan, as well.
Ladders are necessary to gain access to the roof. Workers should make sure that the ladder stands on level ground at an adequate distance from the side of the building. Some sort of stabilization should be applied to keep the ladder in place. Rope or screws can be used to secure the ladder to the roof. Anyone roofing in Jefferson City, MO should, at the very least, have someone stand at the bottom of the ladder and keep it stable.
Shingles, nails, and tools should never be carried up the ladder as they could unbalance the person carrying them and cause a fall. Such items should be placed in a bucket with a rope attached to its handle. The bucket can then be hauled up to where it is needed.
Walking boards should be installed when roofing in mid-Missouri to give workers safe walking surfaces. Simply nail down pieces of spare lumber. If the roof is steep, a lift should be used to lessen the risk of slipping. Still, walking on the roof cannot be avoided completely, but one strict safety rule is never to walk on a roof when rain is falling. A wet roof is extremely slippery. Roofs should also be kept clear of debris. Sawdust, loose bits of shingle, screws, or nails must be swept up immediately in order to prevent accidents. And if it is necessary to walk on the roof, proper footwear is essential. Shoes or boots with rubber soles are the best choice to avoid slipping.
Safety harnesses are a good idea for anyone roofing in mid-Missouri. The harness should fit properly and should be checked for defects before being put to use. Safety ropes should be attached Arrys Roofing Warranty to the harness and they, too, should be checked for any kind of damage. Competent roofing contractors in Jefferson City, MO will ensure that all safety harnesses are in good working order.
Safety glasses should be worn by everyone on any roofing site in Jefferson City, MO. Even the smallest sliver of wood or a piece of asphalt broken off a shingle can cause severe damage if it strikes a person’s eye. Today’s safety glasses are comfortable and provide excellent vision, so there is no reason for roofers in mid-Missouri to refuse to wear them.
A helmet is another safety item that should be worn by anyone roofing in Jefferson City, MO, whether they are on the roof or the ground. A falling hammer can crack a skull but will bounce off a well-made helmet. Roofing contractors throughout mid-Missouri should require helmets for every worker.
Nail guns are convenient tools, but they can be dangerous, even deadly. Like any other tool, they should be used per manufacturer recommendations. Anyone doing roofing in Jefferson City, MO should make sure nail guns are correctly loaded, and then treat these tools as if they are loaded guns.
Following good safety practices not only saves broken bones-and lives-but it also saves money. Companies with good safety techniques have fewer How To Sell A Roofing Company accidents, allowing them to keep insurance and workers’ compensation costs low. That keeps roofing costs in Jefferson City, MO low, too.

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