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Shingle Manufacturing Process With GAF-ELK

The definitions of shingles can be broke down into organic or asphalt definitions. Organic shingles are really asphalt shingles that are made with an organic mat underneath. Organic mats, which are typically made from recycled paper that is formed into rolls of felt mat. Sometimes people make the mistake of thinking that organic shingles are the only type of asphalt shingles, which is not true. There is asphalt in both the organic shingle and the fiberglass shingle. Organic shingles require more asphalt since they rely on the asphalt to make the mat stronger.
Fiberglass mats are used because they have a UL class A fire rating, they provide long-term warranties, which can be anywhere from 20 years to 50 years depending What Colors Go With A White Roof on the warranty. Fiberglass shingles provides long term protection in almost all climates, which makes it the most durable shingle in most homeowner’s minds.
GAF-Elk provides total quality through total control of the process by making their own glass fibers, by making their own fiberglass Roofing Services In Usa mats for the shingles, then by making and manufacturing their own Micro Weave Core for the fiberglass shingles.
By processing their own asphalt, this makes sure that the shingles meets their high standards. Controlling the granule quality which is produced with the highest quality assurance directed by the GAF Elk team. The granules are diamond cut for added strength and depth. Granule colors are then ceramic ally fired using a unique Color Lock system to lock in shingle color. Finally, by manufacturing their own adhesive self seal, which gives the shingles one of the strongest sealants’ around.
GAF/ELK shingles are manufactured with the most innovative technology process available. The fiberglass mats are started out as large rolls of fiberglass, they are coated with asphalt, the asphalt penetrates the mat, the granules are then added, back surfacing is added, and the granules are then embedded into the shingle. Sealant is added along with sealant protector, the shingles are cooked to help with the curing process, and they are then cut to size, and finally cut and shipped to their destination.

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