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Shingles Offer Varying Grades of Home Protection

There are different types of shingles available for roofing projects. Some offer longer protection than others. Each homeowner should decide what kind of look, protection, budget and length of warranty is preferred before choosing what shingles to put on their roof. Consult a professional roofer for insight as needed.
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The roof is a home’s defense against the elements. It takes a beating from all types of weather. The sun beats down on it every month of the year, increasing the roof’s temperature throughout the day. Rain, sleet and snow subject the top of the house to moisture and ice. Shingles produce an effective barrier against wind, rain, and snow. When they are worn or missing, the integrity of the shield over the home is compromised. This can cause water damage and even allow pests into the home. Shingles also create an aesthetically pleasing and stylish accent to give a house a finished look.
There are three basic types of shingling offered by roofing contractors. Three Tab shingles are generally the most economical type of shingle available. They typically have 20 or 25 year limited warranties. The next step up is a laminated shingle, often with a shadowing effect in appearance. These are even available in an energy efficient version or an impact- resistant version. They have limited warranties from 30 years to a lifetime, depending on the brand and design chosen. These are more durable than the standard three tab shingles. The third type, the designer shingle, is also a popular option, offering from 30 years to lifetime warranty as well. These types of shingles are often created with extra visual appeal in the form of patterns and intricate edging. The better the look, the more it can add to the home’s curb appeal – and resale value.
Shingling is available in a variety of colors. Years ago, the only shingle color available was black. Now, homeowners can choose what best complements the rest of the house. Lighter colors have a tendency to show dirt more readily, but most roofing contractors would agree it is not a drastic degree of difference. The most popular shades of shingling are Roof Styles Pictures browns and grays. Browner tones work well with brick and stucco, as well as many different shades of siding. Siding colors are many and varied. Earth tones, yellows, reds and white all coordinate well with brown shades of shingling. Both dark and light grays work well with some stuccos and bricks, as well as blues, grays, reds, yellows and white.

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